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Healing Sense Therapeutic Massage Services and Rates

In This Section: Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic Massage (Regular), Perinatal (Pregnancy) Massage, Therapeutic Massage (Deep Tissue or Sport), Motor Vehicle Accidents, Cupping (Suction), Yoga, Reiki (Add on or Stand Alone Service), Rates, Gift Cards, and Direct Billing.

Relaxation Massage

Swedish relaxation techniques will allow you to let go of any stress you may be carrying. Perfect at the end of a physically demanding day or training session, or during times of emotional duress.
Relaxation massage is typically light pressure and full-body, and you should not feel sore the day after. Choose this option if you are sensitive to pain, or are booking for your mind/spirit rather than just your physical self.
Swedish relaxation is good for reducing stress and anxiety, managing fatigue, improving circulation and digestion, general well-being, boosting the immune system, and more! Relaxation goes well with Reiki.

Therapeutic Massage (Regular)

A little deeper and more geared towards physical complaints or athletic maintenance. The pressure can vary from light to deep, and we can do full-body or hone in on those particular pains that are pestering you daily. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques to assist with postural dysfunctions, chronic back and neck pain, injuries/surgery recovery, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Patellofemoral Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Sciatica, tendinitis associated conditions, TMJD (jaw dysfunction), headaches/migraines, Whiplash Associated Disorders, adhesions and scar tissue restrictions, and more! 
Therapeutic Massage may encompass other modalities such as cupping, acupressure, deep tissue, manual myofascial and adhesion treatment, trigger point treatment, and remedial exercise. Choose this option if you need some work done.

WARNING! Deep Tissue may result in side effects including but not limited to: redness, soreness, inflammation, temporary loss of function of the area treated, or in some cases bruising from the release of restrictive tissue. 

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal (Pregnancy) Massage

Adapted relaxation or therapeutic massage for the expectant or new mother - typically more relaxation as deeper pressure in some areas during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. If you suspect you may be pregnant or are currently trying, please understand that it is not advised to do deep tissue in the lower back or certain areas of the feet/calves.

If your pregnancy is uncomplicated and you have permission from your physician, tension can be alleviated gently and even a pressured relaxation can reduce some swelling during your term and after birth. 
As lying face down can be uncomfortable in the second and third trimesters, pre-natal clients are typically treated in side-lying position with multiple pillows.

Therapeutic Massage (Deep Tissue or Sport)

This option is not for the faint of heart! If you have a low pain tolerance - scroll back up! 
Deep tissue or sport massage is often deep pressure, vigorous, and very focused on alleviating chronic pain in conditions such as tendinitis, severe postural dysfunctions, fascial restrictions, or maintenance for highly active clients. 
It is not advised to exercise after a deep tissue or sport massage. Please book at a time that you will have already completed your exercise by, or are on a rest day.
WARNING! Deep Tissue may result in side effects including but not limited to: redness, soreness, inflammation, temporary loss of function of the area treated, or in some cases bruising from the release of restrictive tissue. 

PLEASE NOTE: Sport massage provided is only clinical; I am not available to work with teams in a professional setting.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)

If you have been injured in a collision, please wait 72 hours and see a primary healthcare provider (medical doctor, chiropractor, or physiotherapist) before seeking massage. It can take up to 72 hours for the full symptoms of Whiplash Associated Disorders (WADs) to present, and it is advised that you are assessed by a primary healthcare provider for safety before receiving massage. There isn't much I can do in the acute stage of any injury, except to apply a cold compress and advise you to rest.

MVAs are a specialty of mine. I had been treating WADs for a few years when I was rear-ended in 2015 and fully experienced the pain, weakness, and helplessness that comes with long-term injury. There are multiple tissues that are affected by MVAs, not just one, and so they can be very complicated and difficult to treat. Sometimes, the pain is localized in one area, and sometimes it affects more than half of the body. 

I am able to treat WAD I and WAD II. I am also able to direct bill to your insurance company for the initial provided sessions if you can send me your claims information in advance, or I can provide receipt for you to submit.

Cupping Massage (Suction)

Cupping involves cups being placed or moved in areas of the body that require a deeper reach than just hands. Hands and elbows separate fibres by mechanically pushing into them - cupping separates fibres by drawing them up and apart from each other. Cupping is also used for detoxifying the body (removing waste metabolites that have gotten stuck inside tight muscles and can't get out on their own). 

Cupping typically does leave marks on your body as though you have been given a hug by a large octopus, so make sure that you don't have an event to go to soon after! Cupping marks typically fade within a week but will appear as round circles in varying shades. They look as though they are bruises - that is all the fluids and stagnant blood being drawn up to the surface for easy removal.

Only suction cupping is offered at this time (silicone dynamic cups and plastic vacuum pump cups). No fire cupping.

Reiki (Add on or Stand Alone Service)

Reiki is safe and non-invasive. I may make contact with your body, or I may not. You may remain clothed during a Reiki only session. When Reiki is added onto a massage, it may be added as a separate portion at the end or integrated throughout, depending on your needs. 
Reiki can be applied for many uses such as physical ailments, emotional upset, general well-being, chakra alignment, depression/anxiety, and more. As with massage therapy, Reiki is not a substitute for professional medical/psychological diagnosis and treatment.

Direct Billing

At this time, Direct Billing is offered for the following insurance companies (and possibly more!):


Alberta Blue Cross

Canada Life

Canadian Construction Workers Union
Chambers of Commerce Group



Cowan Insurance Group

Desjardins Insurance

First Canadian

GMS Carriers 49 and 50


Group Source

Industrial Alliance

Johnson Inc and Johnson Group Inc

LiUNA Local 183

LiUNA Local 506


Manulife Financial

Maximum Benefit


People Corporation

Sunlife Financial

TELUS AdjudiCare

The Co-operators

Veterans Affairs via Medavie Blue Cross.


Your insurance company may not allow direct billing claims to be processed for the servicing provider. You may have to pay for the full appointment up front and I can direct bill on your behalf. Please ensure that you are familiar with your insurance company's policies and bring a back-up form of payment. 

If you are currently receiving treatment under an insurance claim for an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident), I can direct bill for the initial sessions covered by your insurance company if you provide me with your claims information in advance. 

At this time, I cannot offer direct billing for WCB but might be able to for AISH. Please contact for more information.


One-on-One sessions available some Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday evenings.

See the Yoga tab for more information!

NOTE: Yoga classes are on hold as of October 2022 until further notice, but previous beginner and intermediate yoga classes are still available to view online and I hope to add more soon:

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