2021 Yoga Classes

Having obtained her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2020, Noori is now offering online yoga classes! Most classes are geared towards beginners and are being offered at a discount as she works towards 100 teaching hours during her self-imposed practicum. Email healingsensetm@gmail.com for information on current class schedules!

Stretch and Breathe

Level: Beginner and Up

These classes are 30-45 minute sequences to help loosen up stiff joints and tight muscles by moving through stretches, and learning some breathing patterns for meditation. We will not be holding stretching for long periods in these classes. 

It is a beginner class with no advanced stretching positions and can be easily modified to accommodate for limited ability. All levels are welcome!

Modern Hatha

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

~45 minute classes based on some of the more traditional asanas (poses). We will focus our breathing as we hold some positions, but all of the Hatha classes still include a warm up and cool down sequence, as well as descriptions for functional positions that can train your body properly for full asanas later. Some of these classes will also include breathing exercises and/or short meditation portions. 

Geared towards Beginners, but all levels are welcome! This option is great for increasing strength, stability, and mobility. You do not have to be flexible or a regular gym goer to take this class! 


Level: Beginner to Intermediate

These 45 to 60 minute classes have more of a work out than the other options! Lots of cues for modifications and different options to protect your joints as we flow and breathe through some routines that will nurture your strength and balance. They'll get all your muscle groups involved as we link our bodies to our breath cycles for an incredibly energizing session that will leave you in an utterly peaceful savasana.

Beginners please inquire about the Beginner Vinyasa classes (lots of movement but should be within your abilities if the Hatha classes are not challenging enough).
Intermediates please inquire about the Power Vinyasa classes (lots of movement, more physical based practice).


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